February 16, 2022

Team Growth Tips | Expand Your Team and Do More of What You Love

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Hi Friends!

If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of being in business for yourself — with the freedom and flexibility to focus on your family and simply do the work you love. Whether you’re new to the creative industry or an established brand looking to expand your team, we all have two pain points in common: team growth and sales! I had so much fun getting to share the following at a TuesdaysTogether Atlanta Chapter meet up for our Rising Tide Society group. 

Let me take you on a little journey. In Chancey Charm’s first year, I made only $1,300 (insert face-palm here). We all have to start somewhere, right?! Three years later, Chancey Charm earned over six figures in sales and today I have 13 successful locations and over a dozen planners under our brand! I’m incredibly blessed to share my dream with our growing team of wedding planners across the country. It’s my prayer that Chancey Charm can give them the flexibility and freedom I was pursuing in launching my own business.

The Lord has been tugging at my heartstrings to share this team growth journey of mine (the good and the bad) and the secret to my success! And, It’s from a desire to educate and help others build profitable wedding businesses, that I decided to launch a few wedding industry education tools.

The BEST thing I have done in just over six years in the wedding industry is building a healthy team. Yes, team growth!

I learned early on that I would be more successful and save myself a lot of time if I could delegate things I was not great at to those that were. Yes, I have struggled with how to do this and made many mistakes, but the freedom is well worth the cost.

Letting others participate and take ownership in Chancey Charm has propelled it much further than I could have alone. Having an incredible team, has given me valuable family time with my husband and son AND allowed me to do the things that I love in my business. I encourage you to think about one thing you could let go of today to gain back valuable family time. Odds are, that this will actually propel your growth, as you let someone else’s strength fill your weakness.



Photo Credit: Holly Van Lanken Photography

What can you let go of today, that will propel your business forward?

Do you need branding or social media help? What about bookkeeping?


Looking for more? – Check out the Chancey Charm Wedding Planner Academy

Cheers to team growth!


Founder, Chancey Charm



Whether you’re established or new to the creative industry looking to expand your team, we all have two pain points in common: team growth and sales!

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