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Building a wedding budget  that works is possible with the right tools, resources, and community on your side. But where do you start to ensure you’re not kicking off your career shooting in the dark and wasting time? Not to worry—I’ve taken care of that part for you!

getting engaged was thrilling…and then immediately overwhelming.

I got engaged to my college sweetheart in the north GA mountains and it was absolute magic. I was elated when I said yes—but that feeling of sheer joy quickly turned into a feeling of sheer panic as I immediately wondered: What do I do next? How in the world do I tackle this thing?

Save yourself the worry. You’ve got this.

My professional wedding planning budget guide is the ultimate sanity-saver for newly engaged couples who are too busy and too smart to spin their wheels or shoot in the dark.

Who is this for?

This guide is perfect for anyone who is planning their wedding and is looking to start the planning process the right way and avoid future stress over the budget.

In the Guide:

SAY GOODBYE TO UNEXPECTED SURPRISES AND stress—AND start your planning journey off on the right foot.

  • The first step you should take in planning your wedding (It’s not what you think!) is to establish a realistic budget and guest count. 
  • The questions you should be asking as you set priorities for how you’ll spend your budget.
  • A comprehensive list of the items you should be including in your budget.
  • Average costs for each line item in your wedding budget.
  • Average percentages for each line item in your wedding budget, so you can build yours with ease, no matter how big or small!
  • Video training by Sarah Chancey

This guide is the ultimate lifesaver (and sanity saver!) for anyone who is new to the world of wedding planning.

In this guide I break down the percentages you’re looking for to build a budget that makes sense for you no matter how big or small your budget is! If you’re planning your wedding and want to skip the stress this guide is all you.


In my Wedding Planner Academy, I normally sell this guide for $27, but if you purchase it before this page closes, you can get the guide for only $9.50!

snag my professional wedding buget guide now

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